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Here's a list of my illustrated Children's Book projects

A Taste of Home

Available 8/20/2024

Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers

Dive into memory and culture all in NYC's Lower East Side.

Written by Richard Ho, and Illustrated by yours truly. 

A Taste of Home Cover.jpg

The Class Champion

Published by HarperCollins, Big Cat Collins Early Readers

Written by A.M. Dassu and Illustrated by Sibu T.P.

Class Champion Cover.jpg

Mr. Blue

Published through MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing

Get into whales (you'll see what I mean)

Written by Peter Frazier, Pictures by Sibu T.P.

Mr. Blue Cover.jpg

All Works © 2024 Sibu Puthenveettil. All Rights Reserved.

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